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Unlocking the Secret to Bodily Freedom

Unique, highly effective, easy to learn method that helps to re-establish freedom within the body.

About the Method

Dynamic-Momentum is a results-oriented method that has been specifically designed to teach you how to master new and unique skills, significantly improve physical conditions, and permit you to attain levels of success with your clients , friends and family, that are generally accepted as unachievable.

Using our courses, you will understand concepts and principles that make Dynamic-Momentum different from all other forms of therapy.

Our programs includes easy-to-follow videos (with English subtitles), photos, and instructions on how to apply Dynamic-Momentum to help free the body of tension, pain, and difficulties with movement.

You will learn specific hand placement strategies to achieve optimal results in addressing the five regions of the body.

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The Power
Image by Clem Onojeghuo

The Power of Dynamic-Momentum

When I initially created Dynamic-Momentum, I did so to help Osteopathic physicians achieve greater success when treating their patients. But I have come to understand that Dynamic-Momentum can be used by virtually anyone, anywhere in the world, who would like to address others in a unique way. 

People from all different types of professions, including martial artists, computer people, massage and physical therapists, lawyers, osteopaths and medical doctors have successfully learned and applied the Dynamic-Momentum Method on themselves, their family/pets, friends and clients as well.

The results that I and my patients have witnessed in my 30 years of practicing Osteopathy, have shown me that many conditions or illnesses can greatly improve or even resolve completely. I have been fortunate enough to have participated in over 30,000 hourly visits with my patients, based on a moderate estimate over these many years. 

While working with infants, I have resolved torticollis (usually within 1 to 2 treatments), resolved hypotonia, corrected or greatly improved strabismus, significantly improved plagiocephaly, corrected dislocated hips, reflux/vomiting, irritability, insomnia, and those who had a failure to thrive, difficulty with sucking and/or latching. 


Provide Confidence

You will be expoesed to many success stories that were based solely on using the Dynamic-Momentum Method. Our courses will help give you the confidence needed to properly address your clients, friends and family.


Fast to Learn

I have simplified my 30 years of medical training and experiance into a quick and concise program that virtually anyone can learn and apply immediately to get deep, effective and lasting results. 


Easy to Practice

Without having any prior knowledge and/or experience with hands on therapy, our courses will show you how the Dynamic-Momentum Method works, whereby you can start immediately applying it to others.


Better Results

The Dynamic-Momentum Method is unlike other types of hands-on therapy because it provides you with a completely different and highly effective approach in addressing the body. It takes into account all the bodily tissues simultaneously in order to help resolve countless physical issues.


A Word from the Founder...

As a Doctor of Osteopathy I know and have succussfully taught approximatly 200-300 different techniques in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. 

However, in my private clinic I use Dynamic-Momentum 90% to 100% of the time I am seeing someone. Dynamic-Momentum can be used in a professional setting, at home, or wherever there is someone who may need your help.

Dr. Cliff

Dynamic-Momentum Founder

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Dynamic-Momentum may help to create a feeling of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.

Dynamic-Momentum may potentially help improve the natural or inherent motion that exists within the living body. 

Dynamic-Momentum may help us to become more aware of bodily restrictions that may be interfering with the quality of our lives.

Dynamic-Momentum may permit greater expression of ourselves.

Dynamic-Momentum may eliminate inhibitory forces and permit more flow within our bodies.


Leg & Foot pains


Head, Neck & Shoulders pains


Pregnant women


Babies with Reflux

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Disc herniations


What you'll learn

Our courses will teach you the theory and practical applications of Dynamic-Momentum. You will see examples and detailed explanations of how you can apply this hands-on method to others.

Our courses are unique – Innovative and unlike other therapeutic methods.

Non-invasive, gentle, and safe to use – On clients, family members, and friends.

Highly effective – Achieve extraordinary results for a wide-range of conditions.

No prerequisites – No special equipment or prior training, degrees, or licenses needed.

Easy to learn – You can immediately start applying Dynamic-Momentum to others.

Low cost – Compared to traditional schools or institutes of higher learning.

Stay at home – You can learn Dynamic-Momentum without having to leave the comforts of home.

Use on animals – Dr. Cliff also achieves phenomenal success when using Dynamic-Momentum on friendly dogs, cats and horses. (Use at your discretion).

What wll you learn