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Dynamic-Momentum: The Secret to Bodily Freedom

About Dynamic-Momentum

Unique, highly effective, easy to learn, non-medical method that helps to re-establish freedom within the body. About this course: Dynamic-Momentum is a results-oriented course that has been specifically designed to teach you how to master new and unique skills, significantly improve physical conditions, and permit you to attain levels of success that are generally accepted as unachievable. You will understand concepts and principles that make Dynamic-Momentum different from all other methods. ​This program includes easy-to-follow videos (with English subtitles), photos, and instructions on how to apply Dynamic-Momentum to help free the body of tension, pain, and difficulties with movement. You will learn specific hand placement strategies to achieve optimal results in addressing the five regions of the body. So why would anyone want to use Dynamic-Momentum? It is because I use Dynamic-Momentum 90% to 100% of the time I am seeing someone in my clinic. Dynamic-Momentum can be used in a professional setting, at home, or wherever there is someone who may need your help. For any questions or recommendations, you can contact me via email: For your success, Dr. Cliff Heinrich

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