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 Dynamic-Momentum is an extremely effective hands-on method available in enhancing flow and movement within the body!


The Method

The Dynamic-Momentum Method is a patent pending approach at reducing and/or resolving tension within the body. This gentle, very effective and lasting method has resulted in an extremely high success rate with our patients for decades. 

 Our courses will teach you to achieve optimal results by using specific hand positions for each area of the body. 

The Methd

Our Story

Dynamic-Momentum is the result of countless hours of seeing patients in my practice, teaching medical students, and developing a greater understanding of the human body.

Now I use Dynamic-Momentum 90-100% of the time in my private clinic and have an exceedingly high rate of success.

For me, Dynamic-Momentum is a way of life because it is  permitting people to participate more in life’s daily activities.

It is my experiance that anyone with interest can learn and apply it easily. I created this course for people who want to use it to help others and for those individuals who can be helped by Dynamic-Momentum.

Our Story

Meet The Founder

I am a doctor that was trained and Board Certified in both Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine but chose to specialize in Osteopathy.

I was teaching Osteopathy as  a Professor at ATSU Medical School for several years in Arizona, USA. 

 I was both a supervisor for the school’s osteopathic clinic and taught the 4th year Osteopathic students  at The Academic College at Wingate, Israel.

Most important, I have the experiance of approximately 30,000 treatments over 30 years. 

I have treated newborns, toddlers, teenagers, pregnant women and elderly people in their 90s'.

My unique approach is based on listening to the body as a guide to address problematic areas without some theoretical protocol found in any book.

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Dr. Cliff Heinrich

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