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Dynamic-Momentum: Addressing Yourself

About Dynamic-Momentum

Hello, my name is Dr. Cliff Heinrich, and I would like to introduce to you a very gentle and effective approach in bringing relief to areas of tension and/or discomfort in your body. With approximately 30 years of experience in practicing osteopathy, I have created a simple to follow program that I believe you and your body will appreciate! It is called Dynamic-Momentum: Self-Therapy. I believe that you will see positive changes after following the simple steps in this program. I personally use these therapeutic techniques on myself, and I share them with my patients, friends, and family. - Most of the positions can be performed practically anywhere, whether at home or away from home. - You are in total control of each position. You can choose to continue or discontinue holding any of the positions at your discretion. You are the boss of you. - Easy to follow steps, with a description, photo, and video for each of the therapeutic positions. - Each position takes 3-5 minutes to address various areas of the body. - Many of the positions can be performed while seated in a chair. - Dynamic-Momentum: Self-Therapy is done in a gentle and relaxed manner. - Please gain permission from your doctor before starting this program. With warm regards, Dr. Cliff

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